Video: Movie Trailer for 'Bernie' Starring Jack Black


We just showed you the first poster for the Richard Linklater’s Bernie a couple of days ago and now we have the first trailer. The film stars Jack Black as Bernie, a mortician in a small Texas town. A guy so nice that no one will say a bad word about him, even after it appears he’s done something most would consider despicable.

The trailer doesn’t make it clear, whether or not Bernie killed her for the for the money or whether he genuinely cared about Shirley MacLaine’s wealthy widow   (an older, meaner, darker spin on Ouiser Boudreaux, the character she played in Steel Magnolias) but I guess there have to be some surprises. What he does do is go to great lengths to make it appear she’s still alive.  Matthew McConaughey plays Danny Buck Davidson, the District Attorney and the one person in town who doesn’t see Bernie as “Mr. Nice Guy”. 

I like Matty and he and Linklater have a history. They’ve done Dazed and Confused and The Newton Boys, both of which featured fine McConaughey performances (By the way, did I say that I thought he was best in A Time to Kill? I misspoke. I mean Lonestar. D’oh!) and I think he’s in his southern-fried element here. While I’m not a huge Jack Black fan (and I’ll never forgive him for being Kate Winslet’s prize at the end of The Holiday), the trailer looks immensely appealing. 

Bernie gets a limited US release on April 27.


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