Video: Movie Preview for Rian Johnson's 'Looper'


As promised, here’s the second of three "vignettes" from Rian Johnson's Looper!   As we told you last week when we brought you the first look and the first poster for this time travel/action film, the three vignettes will be released successively this week all leading up to the release of the trailer on Thursday April 12. (You can see yesterday’s here.)

Each clip will be introduced by Johnson and his star Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  Again, it’s just fifty seconds worth of footage, even though they cram a lot into that small space. You know how I feel about trailers for trailers, but since we know so little about Looper, I’m relaxing my policy. One question though, despite the fact that he is a very talented actor, is it me or does Joseph Gordon Levitt always look stoned?

Looper will be released September 28 in the UK, Canada and the US. We'll be back tomorrow with more!


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