Video: Miley Cyrus Follows Paparazzi with Camera

Miley Cyrus owns approximately eleventy thousand dogs, so naturally she walks them from time to time, otherwise they'd just poo and wee all over her stuff or whatever. We're really more cat people than dog people, so we're not sure exactly what happens when you don't walk a dog but we're pretty sure you get arrested or something.

Anyway, Miley Cyrus was just out in her neighbourhood walking her dog, when a pap pulled up in a "handicap vehicle" and proceeded to (kind of creepily) take photos of her while she's just trying to live her normal life.

OK, so yes, we're a celebrity gossip site, but we still think Miley has a point: she's a 20 year old woman walking her dogs on her own street and she's being photographed repeatedly and against her will by a middle aged man who doesn't know her. She's not at a premiere or posing outside a nightclub, promo activities largely recognised as 'part of her job', she's just trying to live some semblance of a normal life. Much like we pointed out regarding those pics of Tara Palmer Tompkinson, a line is being crossed here (though not as upsettingly as with TPT). And also, from an entirely interest-based perspective, we kind of have to ask if Miley Cyrus walking her dogs in a quiet neighbourhood is even worth photographing, you know?

Anyway, Miley explained why she papped the pap:

"In reply to the photos of me attempting to take my dogs on a walk while a man I’ve never seen before harassed me… All for your entertainment I suppose. Hope this is enlightening.

“Not to mention he was driving around in a ‘handicap’ vehicle recklessly while I walk in a neighborhood full of children praying he doesn’t hit a small child or one of my dogs.

"Lost 2 already this year, don’t wanna go through that again.”

It is kind of enlightening, actually. If you can't step outside your house without being harassed, that kind of sucks.

Anyway, here's the video. We'll admit that it's mainly Miley's world-weary, level-headed, sardonic commentary and totally valid points that have gotten us round to her side. That, and the pap looks like a creep.


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