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Video: Mila Kunis Chews Out Reporter in Russian

Actress Mila Kunis is adorable, but just don’t piss her off! Check out Mila standing up for co-star Justin Timberlake during a Russian press conference in the video below!

Mila Kunis didn’t appreciate a Russian reporter’s questions during a recent Moscow press conference as they promoted their comedy movie “Friends With Benefits”.

A reporter asked Timberlake why he didn’t make music anymore and Ukraine-born Mila defended her co-star.

Reporter: “I have two questions – about the movie and the sex–”
Mila: “What? (in a “didn’t hear you clearly” way)
Reporter: “About the movie and the sex.”
Mila: “Oh, I thought I misheard you about the sex.”
Justin: “I don’t like this! =)”
Reporter: “What brought you into movies? WHY ARE YOU IN MOVIES?”
Mila: “What?!”
Reporter: “Why movies?”
Mila: “Why movies?”
Reporter: “Well, many showbiz persons move to movies, and sometimes it’s for the better, but why is Justin in movies?”
Mila: “Wait, you’re asking why he wants to be in movies?”
Reporter: “Yes.”
Mila: “What would you rather have him do?”
CROWD: LOL, applause
Mila: “Huh?”
Reporter: “I mean, isn’t showbiz enough?”
Mila (exasperated): “Well, if he WANTS to make movies, and he can, why shouldn’t he? What sort of question is that? Why are YOU here?”
Reporter: “Well, I’m doing my job.”
Mila: “Well, he’s doing his. It’s the same thing!”
Justin: “This is my bodyguard!”

Mila’s response seemed to fuel rumors she could be dating Justin.  Do you think they would make a cute couple?

Check out Mila responding to a Russian reporter in the video here.

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