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Video: Man Proposes to Girlfriend at Prince Concert

Friday and Saturday night the legendary and iconic Prince performed in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre. Friday night not only saw Princereturn with 8 encores, it saw a guy propose to a girl on stage when Prince invites audience members to dance on stage. You'll see it in the left-hand side of the video. This couple seem SO happy and I mean who could blame them? The guy then proceeds to dance his ass off and is quite the showman himself.

I was lucky enough to attend the Saturday concert and I have to say it was without question the best concert I have ever been to. Everyone was up on their feet dancing. I always knew Prince was amazing on a guitar but to see it live is an incredible experience. If you ever have the chance in your lifetime to see him in concert, I would highly recommend it. I would have taken pictures but they are very strict and although I smuggled a camera in (unfortunately no cavity searches so they didn't find it) I was too close to security and too much of a pussy to use it. Prince doesn't have an opening act because the man performs for 3 hours!

And as to this couple, congratulations! What a fabulous night you must have had. If you know these people drop us a line we'd love to hear from you!


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