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Video: Lingerie Football League Changes Name, Puts on Clothes

In a move that may bring great sadness to their fans, the Lingerie Football League recently announced plans to rename itself the 'Legends Football League' and get rid of its lingerie.

Other changes include new team logos instead of sexy female figures, redesigned shoulder pads and a slogan change from "True Fantasy Football" to "Women of the Gridiron," reports

Sadly, the players will no longer wear modified bras, panties, and garters while playing football, but will don more traditional sports clothing.

The league stated that the change was made so that it would stop being “viewed as a gimmick” and to legitimize the league by focusing on its athletes’ talents.

Fortunately for male viewers, a video (below) posted by the league shows the Legends Football League players working out in the skimpy outfits.

Will the Legends Football League succeed where the Women’s Professional Football League failed? Or will they have to go back to bras and panties?


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