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Video: 'The LEGO Wire' Animation Features Violent LEGO Toys in Police Drama

The LEGO Wire is not a typical stop motion animation. This short film, which parodies 'The Wire' TV show, features police drama, gang violence, drugs and everything else kids, who play with LEGOS, should not be watching (video below).

The video is the creation of writer/director/editor Joe Nicolosi, whose other productions include viral vidoes such as Kittywood, CSI: Legoland and Indie Mario Trailer. The LEGO Wire was reportedly commissioned by Yahoo.

The production team also includes the voices of Chris Gibson, Aaron Spivey-Sorrells, Danu Uribe, Zach Carlson, Victor Steele, Isaac Solomon. as well as producers Stephanie Noone, Corey Moss, Brian Hunt, with sound design by Eric Friend.


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