Video: Lady Gaga Begins 'Born This Way Ball' Tour


Lady Gaga kicked off her world tour, The Born This Way Ball, in Seoul, South Korea Friday night and the fans came in droves!

The concert was held at South Korea’s Olympic Stadium and Gaga performed her hits in front of 45,000 little monsters.

The set list consisted of her top hits Born This Way, The Edge of Glory, Poker Face, Just Dance, Bad Romance and more (see full set list below).

According to fan photos and videos taken at the event, we can tell you that Gaga had plenty of costume changes, performed on a motorcycle and showed off provocative dance moves and language.

And while most fans enjoyed the singer’s performance, there are reports of people complaining about their view of the stage.

Because the venue for the concert is now stadiums, many fans soon realized that they paid top dollar to see nothing more than a distant image of the Gothic cathedral set.

Near-sighted fans weren’t the only people complaining about the show, many Christian groups in the area were protesting the concert saying Lady Gaga was “spreading unhealthy sexual culture through lewd lyrics and performances.”

Even the South Korean government raised the age limit of the concert from 12 to 18 years of age!

Gaga joked about the age restriction during the performance by repeatedly asking her dancers “Do you give a f**k?”

Set List:

1. Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)
2. Government Hooker
3. Born This Way
4. Bloody Mary
5. Bad Romance
6. Judas
7. Fashion of His Love
8. Just Dance x LoveGame (Medley)
9. Telephone
10. Heavy Metal Lover
11. Bad Kids
12. Hair (Acoustic)
13. Yoü and I
14. Electric Chapel
15. Americano
16. Poker Face
17. Alejandro
18. Paparazzi
19. Scheiße
20. Black Jesus † Amen Fashion
21. Edge of Glory (Piano) / (Studio)
22. Marry The Night

Controversy aside Gaga put on a great show! Her next performance will be on May 1 in Hong Kong, China.

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