Kim Kardashian Strips To ''Test' if Jonathan Cheban is Gay

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On 'Kourtney & Kim Take New York,' PR guru Jonathan Cheban was in the closet of Kim Kardashian's New York City hotel when Kim decided to carry out a homophobic-sounding "gay test" after Kris Humphries got her thinking about Cheban's sexual orientation (video below).

The results of Kim's little striptease were inconclusive as Jonathan averted his eyes when Kim stripped to her bra. Apparently Kim's body is so irresistible that one would have to be homosexual (or just sane) to resist it?

Later Kim told Kris: "I got changed in front of him to see if he would look but he didn't." However, she concluded, he could have just been being polite and courteous.

During their closet encounter, Kim quizzed Jonathan about what he looks for in a partner.

He joked: "Light skinned, big ass," to which Kim jokes back: "What if we are in love with each other."

While Jonathan remained rather elusive about his sexual orientation, he apparently wanted to prove conspiracy theorist Kris wrong, whose 'suspicions' were alerted after accompanying Kim and Jonathan on a trip to a candle shop (apparently a gay hang out per Kris?).


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