Video: Kim Kardashian Falls at MTV Europe Music Awards


Kim Kardashian had an embarrassing slip up at the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA’s) when she walked on stage to present an award and slipped on the way to the podium.

The reality TV star was wearing her typical six inch heels so maybe it was the dress that almost caused the spill?  The “interesting” dress, short in the front with a long train in the back, may have been the cause or maybe she just had a drunk klutzy moment?

Kardashian seemed surprised by her own slip up as she made her way to the podium to present an EMA.

We’re not sure if Kim should be more embarrassed by her slip up or by the dress itself.  In our opinion, the always fashionable Kardashian definitely had a “faux paus” with this dress.

Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber were the big winners at the EMA’s with both of them winning three awards each.  We have the complete list of winners here!!


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