Video: Kevin Costner Gives Touching Eulogy at Whitney Houston’s Funeral

Kevin Costner gave the most heartfelt, warm and sometimes funny eulogy atWhitney Houston’s funeral today, February 18th.

After seeing the movie the Bodyguard and falling in love with Costner and Houston it is so nice to hear about what happened behind the scenes of the movie.

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He started off explaining one of her hit songs almost didn’t come to be saying,

“The song ‘I Will Always Love You’ almost wasn’t….it wasn’t supposed to be in the movie, the first choice was going to be used was “What Becomes of the Broken Heart.”

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He continued, ” So what becomes of our broken hearts? Whitney returns home today, to the place where it all began,” and I urge us all inside, outside and around the world…. I ask that we dry our tears, suspend our sorrow, just long enough to remember the sweet miracle…Whitney.  Never forgetting Cissy and Bobbi Kristina sit among us. Your mother and I had a lot in common,” he said. “Many among us are thinking, really? She’s a girl, your a boy, you’re white, she’s black.  We heard you like to sing, but our sister could really sing.  Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston they don’t have anything in common at all.”

As it turns out they both had a love for the church and held it very close to their hearts.

Speaking about her role in The Bodyguard he said she was the “perfect choice.”  The studio wasn’t so sure about Houston but Kevin persisted, saying he even asked the studio to postponed the movie a year to wait for her to come off her tour, which was “a lot for the studio to accept.” They did accept it – but not before having Whitney take a screen test.

Costner recalled telling her not to be nervous and that he’d hold her hand every step of the way. He explained she could have fallen down and started speaking “in tongues” and she would’ve passed the screen test for the flick. Then he had everyone laughing about her stage makeup melting off in the hot lights. He said she was the only one who could’ve played the role at that time. “You weren’t just pretty, you were as beautiful as a woman could be,” he said.

“I was your pretend bodyguard not too long ago, and now you’re gone,” Costner said somberly. He continued, “Whitney if you could hear me now, you weren’t just good enough, you were great. People just don’t like you Whitney, they love you.”  He broke down and had to compose himself for a while after saying, “Off you go Whitney, off you go.”

His speech was touching and heartfelt, that of a true friend.

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