Video: Kelsey Grammer on Falling for Kayte While Married to Camille

Actor Kelsey Grammer is finally opening up about falling in love with Kayte Walsh while he was still married to Camille Grammer (video below).

“I looked at her in that moment and I thought I’m going to try,” Kelsey explained to Piers Morgan about meeting Kayte. “So I leaned in and kissed her and we’ve been together ever since.”

“That’s one of the most romantic things I’ve ever heard,” Piers stated.

“Listen, the snow started to fall as we walked across the street together. It was insane,” Kelsey said. “It was like all the planets had danced together into segregated charm on our behalf.”

It does sound quite romantic but there was one big problem with this situation… Kelsey was married at the time to former Playboy model, Camille Grammer.

Grammer admits he should have done things differently and should have called it quits with Camille before starting a relationship with Kayte.

“It’s been difficult since then,” Kelsey said. “I was trying to do some noble gesture to make the destruction of the previous marriage go easier somehow. And that was a mistake. That was just a mistake. I should have walked home and said, ‘We’re done, you can finally have everything you’ve wanted, and I’ve found a new life.’ ”

Kelsey feels his meeting Kayte was destiny.

The actor married Kayte Walsh in February 2011 at New York’s Longacre Theatre. His divorce from Camille had finalized just two weeks before the wedding.

Here’s Kelsey talking about falling for Kayte:


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