Video: Katy Perry Without Makeup in her New Movie


Katy Perry went without makeup while filming her 3D concert film Part of Me.

“Well it’s a lot of different parts of me, this film, and some of them are, well they were difficult to put in – especially the ones of me with no make-up,” said Katy.

Shot throughout 2011, the film takes fans backstage on her California Dreams Tour, into the studio with the singer and on set for her videos, giving audiences a behind-the-scenes look at the hard work involved in being a pop star.

But there is much more to this film than the dazzling onstage performances. The singer is out to show all her Katy Cats the real Katy Perry.

The film delves into Perry’s struggle with making it as a singer, her strict Christian upbringing and, of course, her much publicized divorce from Russell Brand.

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