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Video: Katy Perry Imitates Pippa Middleton On 'SNL'

Katy Perry did her impression of royal relative Pippa Middleton on 'Saturday Night Live' in a skit that skewered Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince William and wife Kate Middleton (video below).

The scene starts with a shot of Buckingham Palace along with a series of tabloid headlines speculating on when Kate might produce a royal heir. Then the Queen, played by a heavily padded Fred Armisen, yells at Kate for taking too long to conceive: '"When you gonna pump out a baby and give us an heir to the bleeding throne?"

Moments later Pippa, played by Katy, arrives for a visit and begins defending her sister. Perry starts out sweet, but then she speaks proudly about Pippa's famous bottom saying: "Geezers line up to look at my a**."

The "Queen" turns into a trash talking tyrant and adds: "I call my a** the IRA, because when I walk into a pub, people's heads explode."


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