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Video: Katy Perry Claims She Planned Flute Mistake

Katy Perry was performing in concert, covering Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin," playing a diamond encrusted (song) flute with her band. As it turns out Perry wasn’t playing the instrument (video below).

Katy pretended to play the flute and the big fail came when she missed her cue to keep playing. The flute portion of the song played on a track but the flute is nowhere near her mouth. Oops! Katy covers her face in embarrassment after her fake flute playing is discovered – with the mishap was on video.

Katy tweeted the next day telling her fans it was all a joke,

P.s. Fail to all of you who fell for my scripted flute joke #Iminonthejokebooya

Check out the video and let us know was the joke on us or did Katy really mess up and then just say it was a joke.


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