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Video: Kathy Griffin Slams Dr. Laura on “Larry King Live”

Never have I been more proud of Kathy Griffin than I was watching her last night on Larry King Live. In a very intelligent, articulate and informed manner, she discussed with Larry the recent developments in the Prop. 8 saga.

Kathy said she had been scheduled to perform a wedding after her appearance, but the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals has granted Prop 8 proponents a stay on a judge’s ruling that makes same-sex marriage legal in California.

The NOH8 photo of Kathy holding her two Emmys was shown throughout the interview. She could win a third Emmy this weekend when the Outstanding Reality Show category is presented at the Creative Arts Emmys.

The episode of the Bravo series that earned the show a nomination is Kathy working on behalf of same-sex marriage going door-to-door and also chatting with LGBT youth who have been kicked out of their homes by their parents for being who they are.

Anyway, here is the full interview which also includes Kathy’s views on the departure of “Dr.” Laura Schlessinger who preceded her on King’s show to announce that she was leaving the radio airwaves at the end of the year.

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