Video: Kate Gosselin Goes Ballistic Over Pizza


On the latest episode of 'Kate Plus 8,' everyone's favorite mom goes on a tirade against her best friend Jamie and nanny Ashley (video below).

It all happens on a field trip to the Grand Canyon National Park, when a fight breaks out over what the group is supposed to be eating. Things boil over when someone eats a piece of pizza that Kate insists was reserved for her bodyguard, and rumored boyfriend, Steve.

But the nanny gets in the last word when she threatens to quit saying: "I’m more than happy to leave right now. Pizza is not a friggin’ big deal. I am sick of your dramatics."

Best friend Jamie playfully taunts Kate that she and the kids have all the pizza and french fries, which sends Kate into a rage: "Steve wants a piece of pizza right now. He reserved it last night. Hand it over. You guys can eat salads. Give him his pizza. That was rude."

Kate’s friends give in and hand the last slice to one of the children, Maddy, to hand to Steve. Kate, a known germa-phobe, is livid that one of the women gave an unwrapped piece of pizza to a child with dirty hands to pass to Steve.

Sadly, TLC cancelled the show about the happy family last month and this is the final season.


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