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Video: Kaley Cuoco Joins William Shatner in Priceline Commercials

Priceline commercials are best known for their starring actor William Shatner, but now Shatner must scoot over and let a co-star in.

According to USA Today, Kaley Cuoco of "The Big Bang Theory" will appear in a new commercial with Shatner. She is to play his daughter who has been schooled since childhood in the art of deal-making. 

The company is attempting to update its message for younger consumers, so decided to bring Cuoco, 27, in on the ads. 

They have already taped two spots for the campaign which is slated to begin on January 14. Priceline is also planning to shoot two more ads to be aired this summer. 

Despite the 54 year age difference, the two actors got along remarkably and turned out to be a good comedic match. They had "way too much fun" making the commercials, and Shatner, 81, said Cuoco was "quite a talent."

Cuoco and Shatner have a nerd connection, as Shatner was in the ultimate nerd show "Star Trek" and Cuoco is in the geeky "Big Bang Theory."

"The nerdy factor, the Trekkie stuff, it goes with "Big Bang" and it all worked together," Cuoco said. 


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