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Video: Justin Long and Mike White Depict Gay Marriage

Actors Justin Long and Mike White star in "Devin and Glenn," a short film that's part of the "Make Homosexuals Marry" campaign. The campaign was created to keep the "No on Proposition 8" debate alive, and to use humor to promote ongoing dialogue about gay marriage issues. The movie intends to show that gay marriage is just like straight marriage - with all the same ups and downs.

The short depicts a gay couple's relationship. Devin and Glenn first meet at a Gay Pride parade. Next we see them getting married in a traditional Jewish ceremony, and feeding each other wedding cake. They get a dog, and buy their first house together. Soon they begin experiencing many of the same marriage-related trials and tribulations as straight folks do: annoying in-laws, pee on the toilet seat, and boredom with each other.

Will Speck and Josh Gordon wrote and directed "Devin and Glenn." All the cast and crew worked for free on the project.

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