Video: Judge Mathis "Georgia has Blood on its Hands" for Troy Davis

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In a video uploaded to YouTube, TV judge Greg Mathis, who served as a real judge in Michigan, condemned the recent execution of Troy Davis (video below).

Mathis stated: “I don’t like to contradict other judges, but Davis should have been grated a new trial so that he could prove his innocence. This was, without a doubt, a grave miscarriage of justice. We’ve long known our system of justice is broken. Davis’s execution shows us just how broken the system has become.”

Mathis concluded: “We need a nation-wide ban on the death penalty. One innocent man put to death is one too many. If we can’t be certain of the legitimacy of the convictions, the practice must be halted. It is criminal that this man was executed with so much doubt surrounding his case, and Georgia has blood on its hands.”


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