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Video: J.R. Martinez Scores Perfect 10s on 'Dancing with the Stars'

On 'Dancing With the Stars,' J.R. Martinez, the Iraq War veteran, scored the first perfect score of the season for his waltz and high-energy jive, scoring 10s from the judges, 30 for each dance, for a total of 60 (video below).

Ricki Lake also had a waltz, but didn't impress the judges like she had hoped. Len had a few harsh words for the former talk show host: "Unless you nail your footwork, you will never get a 10 from Len."

Rob Kardashian danced the quickstep this week to the A-Ha classic, 'Take On Me,' getting high praise from the judges. Afterwards, host Tom Bergeron joked: "You've having the best week of any Kardashian."

Hope Solo dominated the dance floor with a lively quickstep prompting judge Len to say that she had "fulfilled her potential." For her instant jive, Hope danced to 'What the Hell' by Avril Lavigne.

In contrast, Nancy Grace literally got down on her knees and begged the judges to give her a break following her instant jive, which resembled her non-instant jive.


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