Video: Journey Guitarist Neal Schon Serenades Michaele Salahi

In honor of girlfriend Michaele Salahi's 46th birthday, Journey guitarist Neal Schon broke out into a guitar version of 'Happy Birthday' during his band's set in Englewood, Colorado (video below).

The rocker started playing the tune and moved toward the side of the stage, where a spotlight found Salahi with white blond hair and a black leather mini-dress.

After a quick wave to the crowd and a kiss with Schon, Salahi disappeared backstage. It was a surprisingly tame gesture from the couple, who revealed their romance last month in a dramatic display.

Salahi infamously told her husband, Tareq Salahi, she was going to have her hair done and promptly disappeared. While Tareq appeared on the news, crying and positing that his wife had been kidnapped, she had actually run off with Schon.


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