Video: Joan Rivers Compares Costco to Nazi Germany

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Joan Rivers recently chained herself to a shopping cart inside a Costco in Burbank, California, to protest the store for not selling her book 'I Hate Everything… Starting With Me.'

While chained to the cart, Rivers used a bullhorn to berate the store, reports KABC-TV.

Apparently the book contains a word on the back cover that Costco found offensive, which Rivers did not reveal.

Rivers said: “It’s about First Amendment rights. Costco banned my book because of one word on the back cover. I feel like this is a country where the people should have the right to have the literature they want. This is the beginning of Nazi Germany. The worst thing about Costo was they kicked me out without giving me any free samples.”

When police arrived, no charges were filed against the comic, who was removed from the store, reports KABC-TV.


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