Video: Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Kids

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is a hilarious comedian with a bit of a sick twist to his personality. That quirk becomes apparent when Kimmel comes up with sadistic tortures for unsuspecting young children.

That evil fiend! (OR what some people call future parent of the year!)

Just before Hallowe’en, Kimmel made a proposition to his viewers who have young kids to video tape them after being given the news that all their hallowe’en candy had been eaten while the child slept.

Suffice to say this heinous crime was not received kindly by the children who were affected.

As a secondary tactic, the evil mastermind thought up another scheme to torture more children – Videotaping kids after being given the ‘worst Christmas presents ever’.

Wow, what an abusive jerk.

Here’s the tape…

That kid in the end hit the nail right on the head here. ‘Tell him to s*ck my balls!’

Jimmy Kimmel = Bad Man.



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