Video: Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Coachella Goers by Asking them About Made Up Bands


Music lovers everywhere flocked to Coachella over the past two weekends, some going to see well-known bands and others hoping to hear some more unknown ones. 

Jimmy Kimmel decided to prank some Coachella attendees by asking them if they were excited to see nonexistent bands play. All of them fell for his prank and pretended they knew who the band was and couldn't wait to hear them play.

"Music fans in general love knowing about bands that no one else has ever heard of. So, we decided to conduct an experiment," Kimmel said. "We sent a camera crew to Coachella and we asked people walking into the venue what they thought of a bunch of bands whose names we made up. These bands are so obscure that they do not exist."

The woman conducting the interviews used all fake band names except one.

"Are you guys excited about 'The Obesity Epidemic?' she asked.

"I just like their whole style, they're whole genre is great. They're innovative and new," an attendee said. 

She also asked about band 'Get The F*ck Out Of My Pool.'

"I don't know any of their music but I heard from my friends that it's not something to miss," a fan said. "So I'm not going to miss it."

The same girl was asked about band 'Chelsea Clintons.'

"Oh, yeah I have heard of them. I don't know if I'm going to see them or not but I do know of their music. They're fun. They give off good energy. You can just tell they're doing it from a good place. There are very few acts that give you that feeling."

The woman asked one man about 'Two Door Cinema Club,' which is actually a real band, but she made up a fake album called 'DJ Cornmeal.' He said he loved the band and the album, as he played it all the time at his community radio show.

Sources: I Design Times, NPR


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