Video: Jimmy Kimmel Ambushes Jennifer Love Hewitt with Giant Photo of Giant Boobs

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ABC’s mischievous late night host had a BIG surprise for girl next door Jennifer Love Hewitt.

After a brief discussion of Love Hewitt’s eyebrow-raising ad campaign for her new TV show “The Client List,” Kimmel brought out a giant poster displaying the most important pixels from Love Hewitt’s poster.

Confronted with a giant likeness of her vaunted cleavage, the 31-year-old star looks genuinely shocked.

“It looks like a horror movie,” she exclaims, face rapidly reddening.

“We should send it to your grandma,” Kimmel jokes.

Love Hewitt appeared on Kimmel’s show to promote her new Lifetime series, in which she plays a prostitute from Texas. The actress’ ad campaign stirred up a bit of controversy when her breasts seemed to mysteriously shrink from one version of the poster to the next.

See the video of the interview below:


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