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Video: Jimmy Fallon and Charlie Sheen's Parody Cologne Ad

Jimmy Fallon teamed up with Charlie Sheen to promote a faux cologne called “Clone” in a mock commercial that will air tonight (March 30th) on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Wearing a button-down, New York City T-shirt complete with sunglasses clipped to the collar, Fallon delivers his lines in his best Sheen impersonation, before Sheen joins him and brags,

“My awesomeness is now everywhere. Just when you think I’ve left for good, I show up again, better than ever.”

Sheen later instructs Fallon not to say the “Duh, winning” catchphrase anymore because “that was last year”.   Fallon points out he is last year’s clone, causing some confusion as Sheen thinks he is the clone.

In the middle of the commercial Sheen receives a call from his old boss, Chuck Lorre, that he chooses not to answer.


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