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Video: Jim Carrey's Daughter Jane Auditions for 'American Idol'

Jennifer Lopez was in for a bit of a surprise during the American Idolauditions when a blast from her past auditioned for the show.

When Jane Carrey, Jim Carrey’s daughter, showed up to audition for American Idol, Lopez asked her if she remembered her from ‘In Living Color’.  Since Jane was only two at the time, she did not remember Lopez.

Jane, a mom and a waitress, spoke about being a “huge ham,” and that she loves to be onstage. She added that being the daughter of a famous actor “definitely helps and hurts,” explaining, “There’s this pressure to be better”.   She also says that because of her last name, people will definitely think she got to where she is because of her last name.

Jane then performed “Something to Talk About,” and was voted onto the next round.

A call to her dad was an added bonus with Jim saying, “this is really going to be an exciting year.”

Did the Carrey last name hold any weight?  To find out how far Jane Carrey makes it in the audition process, click here.


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