Video: Jennifer Aniston Appears in 'Bachelor' Parody


Jennifer Aniston has previously stated she doesn’t understand why people would want to be on a show like “The Bachelor."

Now, Aniston has appeared in an online spoof of the popular dating show as a rejected contestant whose bear costume didn’t go over well with the bachelor.

Aniston guest starred in “Burning Love”, which is produced by her friend Ben Stiller and stars comedian Ken Marino as the “Bachelor.”

Jennifer revealed herself after she was eliminated and takes off the panda costume.

“Oh God,” she says, as she takes off the costume. “Maybe the bear suit wasn’t such a good idea.”

Aniston started fake-crying, stating, “What am I wearing? Oh, I can totally go back!”

She tells the driver, “I’d like to circle back” but keeps on going.

Aniston was joined by fellow actresses Malin Ackerman and Kristen Bell, who played two of her rival competitors.

Ken Jeong of “The Hangover” even put on a dress and wig to play a potential suitor, attempting to tantalize Marino with the line, “I have the best taste in donuts.”


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