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Video: Howard Stern and Howie Mandel Get Into Heated Argument

America’s Got Talent had a side-show tonight at the judging table between Howard Stern and Howie Mandel.

The judges got into a heated argument over “70-year-old teenager” Big Barry, the singer who has consistently received cheers from Mandel and insults from Stern.

Stern did not like that Mandel called Barry one of the most “memorable” performers in the competition, saying it was time to “stop the Howie filibuster.”  Only four acts can move forward and Howard doesn’t want Big Barry to be one of them.

Stern accused Mandell of ruining the chances of Mary Joyner and Andrew De Leon, two  fan-favorite contestants, who were shockingly eliminated last month.

Fellow judge, Sharon Osbourne stepped in and said, “Girls, Girls….please.” Whose side was she on?? She told Gary he sounds like he is on the toilet bowl when he sings. Yikes!!

Even after the commercial break the two continued their argument.  Stern told Howie and America,

“When I took the job, I took it seriously.  If you’re serious, you don’t do that.”

There have rumors of the two judges not really liking each other.  What do you think – can the rumors be true??


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