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Video: Hope Solo Gets Kicked Off 'Dancing with the Stars'

It is coming down to the wire and after tonight there will be only 3 couples competing for the mirror ball on Dancing With the Stars (video below).

The show opens up with Rob and Cheryl’s booty shaking Samba. We see their last night in review and find out that Rob and Cheryl have made it to the finals!

Next, Cobra Starship performed “You Make Me Feel”  featuring Sabi. Kym and Tristan danced to the performance- it was nice to see them back! The camera panned to Nancy Grace after the performance.

We see Hope and Maks performance review from last night. We find out the next stage of awaiting “the fate” for these two. Unfortunately, Hope and Maks are still in jeopardy. 

Carson had a segment next where he was the “style assistant” to the wardrobe department. We see their costumes are specially made for the stars each week! Following this segment was the Macy’s Design a Dance.

The Macy’s Design a Dance featured Derek and Ana dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”. They received a standing ovation from everyone including the judges.

Next, the AT&T Spotlight Performance featured young men dancing who have been picked on for being young male dancers.

Tom and Gonzo announce the Muppets next! They performed “Life’s a Happy Song”. It was very cute but now it’s down to business finding out who will be the next Star to make the finals next week.

We find out JR and Karina are in jeopardy.

We also find out Ricki and Derek have made it to the finals!

Hope and Maks along with JR and Karina are both in jeopardy. We find out unfortunately that Hope and Maks are going home.  

JR/Karina, Ricki/Derek, and Rob/Cheryl will be dancing for the MirrorBall trophy next week!


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