Video: Hank Williams Jr. Rambles on 'The View'

Hank Williams Jr. went on 'The View' to try and explain about getting fired by ESPN after comparing President Obama to Hitler, but the country singer rambled incoherently at times.

Williams had Sherri Shepherd read the definition of the term "analogy," which read "a similarity in some respects among things that are otherwise dissimilar." Oddly, Williams felt vindicated by the dictionary.

"How did you know who I was talkin' about?" he asked rhetorically, waving his hands and smiling.

Barbara Walters asked if Williams regretted his choice of words. "I guess it's called stepping on the toes of freedom of speech," Williams said. 

Williams later applauded ESPN for exercising their freedom of speech by firing him. Refusing to back down, he said that "Mickey is a mean mouse," a reference to ESPN's parent company, Disney.


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