Video: 'Golden Voice' Ted Williams Apologizes to Dr. Phil


Earlier this year, Ted Williams, the homeless man with the "golden voice," became an Internet sensation. Along with his new-found fame, Williams had alcohol and crack addictions, but got some help when Dr. Phil helped him check into rehab for 90 days; which was not without some testy exchanges between the two.

Williams almost had a relapse, but returned to the 'Dr. Phil' show on Thursday to say he was doing better and offer an apology: "There were a lot of things I lied about. I owe you some amends, first of all. I lied about my sobriety, and I told people that you had exploited me."

Not surprisingly, Dr. Phil responded with one of his famous lectures: "You know amends is not about saying you're sorry. It's about changing your life. And it's about cleaning up the wreckage in the past."

According to Dr. Phil, Williams is on his way to doing just that, having been in treatment for 90 days with more treatment and help in store.

Do you think Ted will fall off the wagon?  Would one of Dr. Phil's lectures drive you to drink?


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