Video: Is Gerard Butler in Love with Madalina Ghenea?


Gerard Butler in love??  This is like George Clooney getting married.  Something we never, ever would have thought possible.  Even Jay Leno gave Gerard a hard time.

Gerard Butler appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno where he happened to mention his girlfriend, Madalina Ghenea twice.  Leno catching on gave Butler a hard time when he revealed he has been with his girlfriend for seven months now.  Leno teased Gerard and asked him if that was a record?

Butler, who was rumored to have been dating Jessica Biel over the summer, is promoting his soon to be released movie with the actress, Playing for Keeps.   Ironically, his character in the movie suffers from a roving eye. In the movie, the roving eye ruined his marriage and alienated his son, so he moves closer to them to try to mend the relationships.

We have a video of Gerard speaking to Jay about his girlfriend.


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