Video: Fox News Host Todd Starnes Wants 'South Park' Investigated by Federal Government

Speaking at the Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C. over the weekend, Fox News host Todd Starnes said that he was is sick and tired of ‘South Park’ attacking religious faiths, reports RightWingWatch.org.

Starnes was speaking at a panel on 'Religious Hostility in America,' which claimed that Christians in America are a persecuted minority that is under constant assault.

Speaking about the controversial film 'Innocence of Muslims,' Starnes asked why the federal government isn’t investigating “shows like ‘South Park.'"

Starnes said: "We have the seen the administration come out and say, 'we condemn anyone who denigrates religious faith.' And they come out in regards to this anti-Muslim film. Well, that's well and good, but my question is, when has the administration condemned the anti-Christian films that are coming out of Hollywood? Where are the federal investigations into shows like ‘South Park,’ which has denigrated all faiths?"


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