Video: Fox & Friends' Santa Claus Turns out to be Dirty Old Man


This week Fox & Friends interviewed Sal Lizard, dressed as Santa Claus, to ask his opinion about the 'War on Christmas.'

During the interview, Lizard pined for the wholesome good old days when people could say "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays."

However, Lizard didn't mention his dirty old man side, which was dug up by on YouTube.

In a montage video (below), edited by, Lizard says: "You know why it’s important for gals to leave Santa cookies? Because if they don’t, I'll lick their pie,” “When you’re an old man, you appreciate young girls, if you know what I mean” and “Ron Jeremy said to me… ‘You’re a f*cking genius … You’ve legitimized Santa being a dirty old man.’ And he said, ‘I always see you with these women, and you’re biting their necks, and you’re licking their necks, or you’re bitin’ them on the b*ob.’”


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