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Video: Fan Bites Britney Spears During Concert

A fan took the ‘Piece of Me’ singer’s lyrics way too seriously, when he actually bit Britney on the leg (video below).

As Britney performed her provocative ‘Lace and Leather’ in Rio de Janeiro, she indulged in her customary on stage lap dance.

During the racy performance, a lucky fan gets the honor of having the pop icon straddle and grind all up on him or her in front of the audience.

During said regular lap dance routine, Brit has surprised fans, her boyfriend Jason Trawick, Joe Jonas [here] and ‘Jersey Shore’s Pauly D [here] with an erotic dance.

This time, the fan surprised Britney!

Britney quickly jerked her legs away, jumping off the guy’s shoulders and the pole before continuing the dance from behind him at a safe distance.

Do you think she’ll still wrap her legs around strange men’s necks?


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