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Video: Elisabeth Hasselbeck vs. Bill Maher on 'The View'

Elisabeth Hasselbeckwas at the center of a heated exchange with Bill Maher onThe View today (Nov 15).

Hasselbeck was not happy with a “joke” Maher made at her expense last February, in which he suggested sending her to Egypt in exchange for CBS News correspondent Lara Logan, who had been assaulted while covering that country’s democratic uprising.

Hasselbeck expressed her dissatisfaction to Maher  and he explained that it wasn’t meant as a personal attack on her.  (Since he mentioned her name specifically – that doesn’t make sense).  Elisabeth went on the attack and continued throughout the interview to needle Maher.

After the group began to talk politics, Hasselbeck sarcastically said to Maher,

“Wow, I actually feel smarter sitting next to you.”

To which he replied,

“Really? I feel like I’m in high school sitting next to you.”

Elisabeth claimed throughout the interview she wasn’t offended but she definitely acted completely offended and very immature.  She’s definitely no ba ba Walters.

What do you think?


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