Video: Dog Starts Crying Over Sad Scene in 'The Lion King'

A dog was captured crying as she watched a sad scene from Disney's The Lion King.

The chihuahua/pug mix was watching the movie with her owner who then uploaded a video of her whimpering onto YouTube. 

The dog was watching the scene from the movie where Mufasa dies. Simba is seen in his young days witnessing his uncle and Scar throw his father into a gorge of stampeding wildebeest.

When Simba discovers his father's body at the bottom of the gorge, he is confused and scared.

This is when the dog starts whining, as the score builds and Simba asks his dad, "Dad? Dad, come on. Dad, get up. Dad, we've got to go home."

As Simba strokes his father's body, he realizes he is not alive. This is when the dog seems to start choking up even more.

Simba screams, "Help! Somebody…anybody." Then the dog looks at her owner's camera. The owner remarks, "It's so sad."

But the dog immediately loses focus, as dogs tend to do, and starts licking herself. 

The video has garnered thousands of views and many have commented on it. 

One commenter wrote, "I react the same way every time I watch it."

Sources: Inquisitr, YouTube


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