Video: Dina Lohan's Promo for Dr. Phil Appearance

Have you watched Dina Lohan’s promo for her Dr. Phil appearance? No? Well you should because it is wonderful and tells you everything you need to know about Dina and how Lindsay became the way she is.

Looking drunk or high the entire time, Dina basically treats the entire one-on-one as a joke. Which it is. If there’s one person I can’t stand more than Dr. Phil it’s Dina Lohan so watching these two pompous jackholes who take themselves too seriously go at it is probably the greatest thing we’ll ever see this week.

My favorite part is where Dina Lohan acts condescending to Dr. Phil saying, “You’re like in your little tie and your little shoes,” and Dr. Phil just stares at her with a blank expression. I was waiting for Dina to go on and order Phil to “dance for me, dance for my my little monkey!”


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