Video: Demi Moore Recently Gushed Over Ashton Kutcher's Romantic Side

Demi Moore gushed about Ashton Kutcher's romantic side in an interview on 'Good Morning America' (video below) on September 26, just days before Kutcher's alleged fling in San Diego.

Moore discussed how her husband of six years sent flowers to her on the set of 'Five,' an anthology of short films about breast cancer. It was accompanied by a love note which said: "I believe in you."

The interview, which she recorded in New York alongside her collaborators Jennifer Aniston and Alicia Keys, aired today.

"It’s like one of those small, little gems," Moore said of the flowers, which Kutcher sent her in recognition of her directorial efforts.

She also sent flowers to Kutcher for his debut on the CBS sitcom, 'Two and a Half Men,' earlier this month. "I sent him an orchid," Moore said.

However, People magazine claims the pair had already decided to try a trial separation, which was Kutcher's suggestion, leaving Demi deeply upset.

People also hints that the pair have had an open marriage: "Things have always been a little off in their relationship, especially given their flexibility with each other toward other relationships. It's just worked that way for years."


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