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Video: David Bowie Releases New Song 'Where Are We Now?'

Most of you will have woken to the words “BOWIE! OMFG! DAVID BOWIE!” being shouted by the universe. Dame David managed to release his new single and video in 119 countries while we were sleeping, without anyone knowing it was going to happen.

People (i.e. the people on Twitter) are very excited. But the best responses come from Bowie’s own son Duncan “he made Moon” Jones, whose proud but homely tweets made it sound as if his dad had just grown a prize marrow.

So yes, Bowie has quit retirement and returned on his 66th birthday with a single called Where Are We Now? which we’d describe as ‘lovely’, slightly nostalgic given the opening reference to the U-Bahn, and the lyric “As long as there’s rain / As long as there’s fire” suggests he gets the same weather forecast as Adele.

The album, produced by Tony Visconti, is called The Next Day and is released on March 11.

Duncan Jones was up early to tweet the news, saying:

“Would be lovely if all of you could spread the word about da's new album. First in ten years, and its a good 'un!”

But also sharing this rather excellent joke:

“For those asking, the name is "Bowtie" ...The "t" is silent.”

Do you think he’s been holding onto that for the last decade?

In other comeback news, Suede released a new song yesterday. You can download that here for free. It’s not bad either. 

And former Westlife man mountain Brian McFadden announced he’s got a new album coming out called, we sh*t you not, The Irish Connection. It’s got Ronan Keating guesting on it and, we shit you not again, Sinead O’Connor.

It’s a funny old world.


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