Video: David Arquette Talks About Separation From Courteney Cox, 'Dancing with the Stars'

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Last night, David Arquette appeared on 'The Late Show’ (video below) where he was asked about his estranged wife Courteney Cox by host David Letterman. "Courteney's fantastic," he said, and then after a pause, "We're still separated."

Arquette went on to explain that despite the love that he has for Cox, the pair have incompatible personalities: "We grew apart and I advise everyone not to let that happen.” He added how Cox is calm, but he's wild and crazy and how she thinks he's moody. He added, "I'm not moody, Dave!"

Arquette also talked about appearing on 'Dancing with the Stars' with Kim Kardashian's brother: "The thing about Rob is, and a lot of people don't know this, but he's got a great ass just like his sister. I'm serious! Once you see it, his ass is fantastic. And I really think it's going to be a secret weapon."

Before Arquette agreed to appear on the ABC show, he sought the advice of his 7-year-old daughter Coco: "I asked her about Dancing With the Stars and she said, 'Well, initially I'm thinking no. But let me go to school and talk to Ashley about it. See what she thinks.' I was like, 'No, Coco, you can't tell anybody! I'm sworn to secrecy.'"

Arquette added, "Hopefully I don't embarrass her. When I dance, I look like I'm being electrocuted. Apparently there's no real room for that in ballroom dancing."


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