Video: 'Dancing with the Stars' Judge Len Goodman Speaks Out on Maks

The spat that erupted between Maks Chmerkovskiy and 'Dancing With the Stars' judge Len Goodman has fans of the show taking sides. On Monday night, Maks forcefully pushed back against Goodman's critique of his latest dance with Hope Solo.

Goodman appeared on 'Access Hollywood Live' on Tuesday to offer his perspective on the argument: "How often, in the heat of the moment, we say things that the next day we think 'why did I say that?' Maks is going through that right now."

"I like Maks, we're good buddies, we play golf together. What they've got to understand is ... they're on trial, and we're the judges. You can't be a judge at your own trial."

Goodman wasn't fazed when host Billy Bush pointed out that in the 'Access Hollywood Live' poll, 78% of respondents sided with Maks in the feud: "I'm the old crinkly judge stuck in the middle, who's gonna vote for me? No one!"


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