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Video: 'Dancing with the Stars' Do the Cha Cha Relay

Enjoy tonight’s Dancing With The Stars Cha Cha relay performance video (below). On tonight’s ninth episode and the semi-finals of Dancing With The Stars couples will have to impress the audiences with three routines.  The competition is nothing short of intense tonight, with everyone wanting to get into the finals.  If you missed tonight’s show you can read our official recap here!

The couples first performance is an Argentine Tango, their second dance is either a Paso Doble or Samba — one of which is a style dance they have not yet performed.  The third dance will be the Cha Cha relay, in which all couples will dance to the same song.

All four of the couples are dancing the Cha-Cha in a relay. They will dance to I Like the Way It Feels by Enrique Iglesias and every couple is going to dance for 35 or 40 seconds, then leave so another couple can come onto the floor and continue dancing to the same song.

To vote for your favorites and get them in the finals: JR’s voting number is 1-800-868-3410, Ricki’s voting number is 1-800-868-3411, Hope’s voting number is 1-800-868-3408 and Rob’s voting number is 1-800-868-3402.


Len said: I think the whole night has been like going out for a beautiful. The Ch Cha was the desert. Bruno said – tonght everyone delivered, a fantastic show. Three dances one after the other is a very, ver hard task. It is going to be hard for us to score. Carrie Ann said: it is really fantastic we get to watch you all one after the other and the dance was not quite as expected!

4th place in the Cha Cha Relay – Hope & Maks For a night total of 49

3rd place in the Cha Cha Relay – JR & Karina For a night total of 56

2nd place in the Cha Cha Relay – Ricki & Derek For a night total of 67

1st place in the Cha Cha Relay – Rob & Cheryl For a night total of 65

Check out the video below and let us know what you think?  Do you think he will be eliminated tonight?  Sound out in the comments below!


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