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Video: Chaz Bono Struts his Stuff on 'Dancing with the Stars'

For his highly-anticipated debut on 'Dancing With the Stars,' Chaz Bono (with professional partner Lacey Schwimmer) turned in a surprisingly good performance. The transgendered star has been under enormous pressure from pro and anti Chaz Bono 'groups,' not to mention mom Cher who has been tearing up Twitter defending her son.

When he finally came out to dance near the end of the show, Bono proved he was a competitor with sheer likability and a spark of potential. While the rotound performer is nowhere near the best dancer out there, Bono made a strong effort.

People love to root for the underdog and Bono definitely has that going for him. According to Carrie Ann Inaba, one area Bono impressed her in was his footwork: "It was sharp. It was precise. You've got so much joy. You light up this room!"


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