Video: Charlie Sheen "I Was Pretty Much Losing"


Charlie Sheen appeared on 'The Tonight Show' last night (video below) and admitted that he had been out of control earlier this year: "It was like a runaway train that I was the reluctant conductor of. I didn't really believe I had tiger blood. Or Adonis DNA. I don't know so much that I was winning. I realized I was pretty much losing!"

When asked by Leno if he's still "angry" at CBS and the producers of 'Two and a Half Men,' he said: "No. I would have fired my (self). Well, maybe not like they did. I thought I could come back like you did."

Sheen explained: "I should have been a little more responsible about the condition I was showing up in." Sheen also said that his relationship with his father, Martin Sheen, is "totally repaired. We're buddies again. He's a great guy."


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