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Video: Broken Pixels Performs Rap Song for 'Saints Row: The Third'

'Saints Row: The Third,' an open world action-adventure video game, was released today in Australia and North America (for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360). 

As in 'Saints Row 2,' players control the leader of the Third Street Saints in the fictional city of Steelport. The Third Street Saints have their own clothing stores and energy drinks, and fans regularly stop them for autographs, but they are at war with a rival gang, the Syndicate.

The theme song featured in the video (below) is a collaboration between Broken Pixels and Nfamous Gamers. The Broken Pixels consists of MC Jerome Chance and Producer/Beat maker Equivalent Exchange (including MC/Singer The Speaker Creature).There are additional vocals by Milan Phillips, Lucci Eslao at Evil Rocket Ship Studios. The video editors are HBK Fluffy and Flitz.  Chastity Irizarry from Nfamous Gamers was the Executive Producer.

MC Jerome Chance says: "This is one of the most fun songs I have made. THQ gave me free reign. They sent me a dev kit and a pre-build of the game over a month before it was released and told me to "focus on all the wacky things you can do". I did just that. The game is so over-the-top that I was able to just say crazy stuff that would never have fit anywhere else. My video guys also had fun putting the clips together.  You should see some of the B-Roll..."

"My brother and I, Jordan 'The Speaker Creature' Scott, wrote it in a day, but I researched the game for a good three weeks before I started writing."

"I love the game.  Besides its obviously mature content, it is very well put together. It is fun, original, and just out there. I would love to be a part of anything else relating to this game!"

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