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Video: Broken Pixels Helps Give Back to Children in Hospitals

Video game rap artists Broken Pixels joined video game voiceover artists and other gaming celebs recently at a Gamers United benefit at the Custom Hotel in Los Angeles for the Mattel Children’s Hospital of UCLA. (video below).

Nerdsworth said: "As a child I had both of my legs broken and I was in the hospital for a long period of time. I didn't have access to video games, comic books and all that stuff. Scientifically, it's been shown that kids who are playing video games and doing things that they enjoy while they are in the hospital... heal faster."

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Besides performing at the Gamers United event, the Broken Pixels have made quite a name for themselves in the video game world, providing rap tunes for games such as 'Saints Row: The Third Show.' 

Broken Pixels Consists of Jerome Chance (Founder/MC), Nerdsworth (MC/Video Editor), SpeakerCreature (MC), Equivalent Exchange (Producer) and HBK Fluffy (Video Editor).

You can also find more of the Broken Pixels on YouTube, SoundCloud, or on their Twitter and Facebook pages.


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