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Video: Bill Maher Jokes About Elisabeth Hasselbeck Feud

Bill Maher appeared on The View yesterday (Nov 15) where he and co-host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck got into a bit of a tussle over something Maher said on his show back in February.

Maher was on The Late Show With David Letterman where he had the chance to explain himself and clarify his and Elisabeth’s relationship.

Maher was consistent with his criticism of Hasselbeck insinuating that she simply didn’t get his style of humor.  He refused to take on the role of  victim and stated that Elisabeth,

“had some bug up her a**”.   He also claimed it was all an act where they play like “they hate each other on TV.”  To dig the hole he is in with Hasselbeck even deeper, Maher said, “it makes the sex hotter”.

Have you seen the videos of their interaction?  There is NO way – their hating each other is fake.  What do you think?


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